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A flat fee is transparent and directly reflects the work being done. It also doesn't increase when you contribute to your retirement plan or your portfolio grows in value.

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Just because you save more, doesn't mean you should pay more!

Bar chart comparing cumulative advisory fees for an advisor who charges a 1% fee vs a flat fee advisor who charges $6,500 per year. Over 20 years with a $1 million portfolio earning a 7% return, the flat fee advisor costs one third as much as the percentage-based fee.
Comparison of the cumulative advisory fees of an Assets Under Management (AUM) advisor and a Flat Fee advisor. $1M portfolio with 7% annual return over 20 years.

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Are you looking for complete transparency and control when it comes to your finances? Are you getting close to retirement? Did you receive an inheritance larger than what you’re comfortable with? Are you starting a business and ready to invest your money? Or are you looking for help gaining financial control? You are in the right spot. Take this short quiz to be matched with a fee only financial advisor.

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We use a one-of-a-kind algorithm to match you with three flat fee financial advisors who are best suited to your unique financial situation. This is important because everyone has different needs and many advisors specialize in different niches, from student loans, to occupation specific employee benefits, to tax optimization, to business owners, to retirement planning, etc.

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All of our flat fee, fee only financial advisors are leading the industry into the future by offering comprehensive financial planning with easy, transparent pricing.

Benefits of Flat-Fee Financial Advisors

Top Advisors

Flat Fee Financial Advisor

One agreed upon flat fee


Only compensated by you

Fiduciary Advisor

Required to work in your best interest


Focused on the whole picture

Evidence Based

Embracing Nobel Prize winning philosophies

Time Tested

Incorporating time tested strategies

Increase Performance

Chart comparing the 20-year return of a 5 million dollar portfolio after 20 years. Working with a fee only financial advisor results in a 2.5 million dollar increase in value compared to an advisor that charges 1%. The calculation assumes a 5% annual return on the 5 million dollar portfolio.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a flat, fee only financial advisor?

An advisor who is paid solely by their clients. This arrangement minimizes conflicts of interest. A flat fee structure reflects the service provided and is not based solely on portfolio, net worth, or income size.

What are flat fees?

Fees can be monthly, quarterly, hourly, by project, or retainer. These fees can be a set price or based on complexity. All fees should be explained before engagement.

Why work with a flat, fee only financial advisor?

Flat, fee only advisors provide the most transparency and usually provide the most comprehensive advice.

How do you select advisors?

We approve less than the top 1% of advisors. All advisors are fiduciary, independent, and flat fee. Every advisor is individually interviewed and each ADV disclosure and website is reviewed.

How much does it cost?

It's free for you. To ensure your best interest, all advisors pay the same monthly fee to use our platform.

What do you do with my personal information?

All information is kept private. We do not share your information with the advisors on board or any other party. We use your email to send you a link with your matches.

How do you match me with the advisors?

We select advisors based on your answers to a few simple questions. Advisors can be selected based on your occupation, financial planning services you need, age, income and saving sizes, and location.

What services do most advisors on board provide?

Cash Flow Planning, Investment Analysis and Planning, Retirement Planning, Tax Planning, Estate Planning, Risk Management and Insurance Planning, Education Planning, Charitable Planning, Portfolio Guidance or Management.

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